good bye fuck

Had a very fucking horny encounter this very afternoon!

Long term member of my site – 8 years to be exact and lots of horny meets in that time! – he messaged me this afternoon to inform me he was moving away back to Plymouth and could be pop by for a fair well fuck!, with the added kink that his wife would be sat outside in the car waiting – completely unaware of what we would be getting upto!!

sucking on his big fat cock was so horny knowing his wife was just yards away sat on my drive waiting! – taking off my panties so that he could tongue fuck my pussy getting all my juice over his face so that he could go out and kiss his wife afterwards!!

adding more of a kinky spin into it, while he was down on me, my house phone rang and it was MY husband just calling to say he loved me! – I spoke with him while enjoying my tongue fucking without him even knowing what was going on!

This made us both so fucking horny!!, as soon as I put the phone down he was up my cunt quicker than a rat up a drain pipe!, fucking me with deep powerful thrusts of passion eventually ending up with a massive eruption of spunk!

Thank you Mr C for a lush fuck!, all the best for the move and looking forward to hooking up when I’m down in Plymouth next!

As you can see from the pics – he loved being balls deep in my cunt while his wife was non the wiser – thumbs up all round!

Rach xx

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