The Estate Agent

Met with this very naughty horny estate agent this evening in Gloucester – he persuaded me to meet him in an empty house his company has up for sale!

Well, we started in the kitchen – sucking on his cock until it was nice and hard!, then he bend me over the kitchen counter and banged me doggy!

We then moved up onto the stairs and he banged me good at the top of the stairs!

Then we moved up into the attic room where I led on my back and spread my legs wide so that he could climb between my thick thighs are hump the fuck out of my wet cunt!!

He rode me like an easy bike on the floor of this empty house and enjoyed emptying his balls deep inside my cunt!

How very exciting and naughty!!!

Rach xx

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After Dark the “The Swingers Website, Run by Swingers” is now offering the membership of a LIFETIME!

After Dark the “The Swingers Website, Run by Swingers”  is now offering the membership of a LIFETIME!

A LIFETIME membership to After Dark for JUST £30!!!

YES that’s a lifetime membership for JUST £30

SO there really has never been a better time to join After Dark and join in the fun!

Membership gives you – FULL ACCESS to:

•             After Dark Forums

•             Members ONLY Area

•             Photo Galleries and Videos

•             Dogging Locations with Maps and Directions

•             Members wives amateur photo galleries

•             Swingers Parties, Social Meets, Dogging Meets

After Dark has been running for 16 years and is run by REAL genuine swingers and not some cold corporate internet company.

For more information and they way to join by PayPal, please contact us directly

After Dark

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another member meet Rachel

WELL as stated I would be meeting more members this evening who joined taking up my weekend special offer membership!

Just met with this horny new member, he joined at 6pm and had his dick in my mouth in a few hours time!!

met in a dark country lane and proceeded to the back of the car to get it on!, his dick was lovely and fat and I couldn’t wait to get fucked by his meaty girth – guzzling on his fat juicy dick I could feel my fuck hole getting wetter and wetter with anticipation but sadly for me, my mouth proved yet again to just be TOO GOOD and he blew his sweet sticky load all over my face!

ah well, not to worry ive got more members to meet and feel inside me!!

I do what I say!, I MEET my members – I love sucking and fucking my members and I truly am a slut on a mission!


wanna get up inside my sweet junk?, then you know what to do!

Rach xx

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new AD member meet

Just got home from meeting a brand new member

We met in a remote country lane and I was more than eager to get his young lush hard cock in my mouth! – while gobbling on his meat he said “oh wow, you ARE good at that!” to which I replied – yep so ive been told!

I sucked his sweet tasting young cock until it was nice and hard and then flipped over to doggy style and presented him with my very wet and juice pussy and my nice big curvaceous arse for a damn good fucking! – he was up and inside me like a flash and when at my slutty pussy like a Duracell bunny! making me moan in the cool night air until he fired his load off everywhere!!

want to meet me tomorrow night?! Sunday 25th Sept?  YOU TOO could be balls deep in my tight hot wet little fuck hole!!

sign up to the BEST swinging and dogging website on the web TODAY!

Rach xx

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Swinging is also called “wife swapping”, which makes it sound more like a game show than anything else. That would be a fun game show, though, a game show where the objective or goal as it were was to swing with as many couples as possible before time ran out. That would be exciting, I would definitely watch that.

Swinging is actually the practice of which people in a relationship have sex with others just for fun or for other reasons possibly. Although, many people swing for increases in everything to do with sex; quality, quantity and frequency of sex.  Some people do it for curiosity or a way to get out of the vanilla. Some couples see it as a healthy way of strengthening their relationship. Other people even regard it as a merely recreational interaction with others.  Modern day swinging has many different things along its spectrum; they can range from spontaneous sexual activity, informal gathering of friends, planned social meetings, to sex clubs. Some sex clubs even hold themed nights. These themed nights can be go from uniforms, like police uniforms and doctors and nurses, and it can be pretty much anything, so there is a themed night for something and anything, there just has to be a right club for someone.

Swinging can also happen in hotels, resorts and cruise ships. There are so many other places where all this stuff can happen. If you are reading this in a hotel, there is probably some swinging going on in a room near you. I mean, don’t listen carefully or you might hear some things you don’t want to… or do want to. Respect people’s privacy people, we have evolved past this. There are many sites that exist that cater to swinging couples; some say they have over a hundred thousand members. Which is quite large of a community, especially if you are willing to swing because that means you have a few thousand combinations to get used to?  All of that while increasing the three things of sex; quality, quantity and frequency.  All of those people are probably very happy swinging the way they do. Studies have shown that swingers are happier in their relationships than in normal relationships. Sixty percent of those involved in these studies reported that the activity had increased the happiness in their relationship.

Swingers, in a similar study, rated themselves “very happy” at a higher rate than non-swingers and, also, that their lives were “exciting”, they rated that one higher than non-swingers as well. There are some people that object to swinging; some religious communities say that swinging is regarded as adultery. However, adultery is defined as sexual intercourse between a married person and a person that isn’t their spouse. Swinging is technically that, it is a married person having sex with a person that isn’t their spouse. Then again, you can always combat that argument with the fact you aren’t religious and, are therefore, not held down by the morality that is held by religions. There is also the argument that many people define adultery as cheating when swinging is actually with the pre-knowledge and, sometimes, encouragement of the other spouse, which isn’t cheating as cheating more or less implies that other spouse doesn’t know the person is having sexual relations with other woman or man. So, that throws the religious hatred of swinging out the window.

There is also health issues, one of them is that some swingers do it unprotected, they will go bareback and there is a risk of pregnancy and STIs. There is a simple solution to that, its practice safe sex and the problems are gone. There is no more issue of unsafe sex, pregnancy or STIs. Some people tell me that if you are going out to have sex with your wife or husband and you hold their hand or kiss them while they are having their fun, it brings you closer. You are sharing what otherwise would just be porn on a TV or a frustrating dream that one of you had. Swinging is a healthy activity that has even reported more happiness within couples as they have become older and kept swinging, I am not saying to experiment with swinging but I am saying is to always communicate with your partner and see what they want to do. If swinging is on the menu, it might make your life better.


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Rachel’s Cornwall Tour



Just returned home after a very horny tour of Cornwall!

I visited Newquay, Truro, Redruth, St Austell, Penzance, St Just, Helston and The Lizard!

Met with so many of my fabulous Cornish members and visited a lot of very naughty and horny public toilets all over Cornwall! – you know how I just love public toilets!, also found some amazing dogging locations which were ram packed with action

my pussy is well and truly fucked and throbbing with happiness!, I’m a bit tired but very happy! loved sucking and fucking all of you and draining your balls dry!

have attached some snippets of my Cornwall adventures but for the more hardcore actions pics you just have to log into the members area and have a look for yourself.

ill sure to be back soon!!

Rach xx

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Birmingham Hotel Meet


Spent a lovely day in Birmingham today! – met with a good number of members but just had to share this shoot!

this very hung young man invited me to his house for a good fuck in his marital bed!! – whipping off my knickers he delved his tongue deep into my wet snatch and tongue fucked and flicked my clit until I gushed with liquid velvet juice and covered his face with my orgasm!!

As soon as my cunt had recovered from its trembling orgasm he came up between my legs and plunged his very fat hard cock deep inside of me and humped the arse off of my quivering hole!

as he was about to cum he pulled out slightly and pulled his bellend to the edge of my gash and held his cock and fed me his seed! – pumped me full to the brim!! – slowly pulling his cock out of me followed by a thick sticky stream of freshly shot sperm!!


Rach xx

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Dogging Locations

Dogging locations with maps, directions, reviews and dogging meet tonight forum

#dogging #doggingLocations #DoggingRachel

The biggest dogging site on the internet Dogging After Dark

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April £50 photo competition

April £50 Photo Competition

 ” Car Photos”

Any photos in or around cars, £50 for the best member judged photo.

Post your sexy car photos on this thread


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After Dark Social Meet – April

its time for another social meet up!

Friday 29th April 7pm

The full location can be found on the events section of our site 

There is a Premier Inn right next door for those wanting to book a room.

Please add your name to this thread if you will be there.

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