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April £50 photo competition

April £50 Photo Competition

 ” Car Photos”

Any photos in or around cars, £50 for the best member judged photo.

Post your sexy car photos on this thread


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After Dark Social Meet – April

its time for another social meet up!

Friday 29th April 7pm

The full location can be found on the events section of our site 

There is a Premier Inn right next door for those wanting to book a room.

Please add your name to this thread if you will be there.

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Rachel loves dick




Met with a really lovely member last night!, we clicked straight away and felt like we had known each other for ages!

Met him down a dark dirty lane for some naughty fun!

he flopped out his lovely cock and presented it to me for a good sucking!, and oh boy dick I suck on his tool real good – judging by the noises of pleasure he was making I think I sure noshed him off real good!

totally love sucking and fucking nice plump hard cocks in the cool night air in dirty horny locations all around the UK – I guess that’s why I AM the UK’s most famous dogging cumslut!

just cant get enough!!!

Rach xx

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After Dark Swingers Parties

New to the scene and fancy dipping your toes in the party scene?

Well, After DArk hold regular house parties allowing our members to explore their swinging side in very confortable and non pressure situation….

Your welcome to socialise, play or simply sit and watch – no pressure what so ever!

log in today and check out our swinging calendar

They really are such good fun and a superb way of breaking the ice….

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surrounded by hard horny cock all gagging and straining to be milked dry of the pent up filthy loads!, and of course after my Christmas break I was gagging to drain them!, my pussy was as tight as anything and dying for a good filthy reaming from multiple hard cocks all pumping their hot sticky loads deep inside my wanting sex!

I used each and every cock for my personal pleasure, feelin each one stiffen and fire off their pulsating loads of sperm right up my cunt hole!

Lovely!! –  there is no better way to kick 2016 off then with a multiple cock munching and fucking!

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AD member fuck!

I whipped all his clothes off, pushed him onto the bed and gobbled on his plum hard cock getting him ready for my wet and wanting pussy!

bending me over the bed, he stood behind me parting my swollen lips and slowly eased his hot hard rod inside my sex hole, I could feel every inch of his cock filling up my insides, making me moan softly with pleasure!

screwing me slowly to begin with, he started the pick up the pace until he was banging his mother fucking dick up me so hard I could barely catch my breath! – he made me beg for his hot load!, pleading with him to give me his man muck he finally gave me exactly what I wanted – a filled to the brim snatch full of sperm!

managed to get some cracking pics and video with the aid of my trusted selfie stick!

Rach xx

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Festive Photo Competition!

December is here and its time for our fantastic festive photo competition!

Our Christmas Photo Competition

And as it is the Christmas Photo Competition it will be £100 for the best member judged photo.

Open to both Male and Females, so get your Santa outfits on and start posting your photos on this thread…..

get your pics added here!


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Lots of NEW naughty Videos!

I’ve been out and about being a REALLY naughty little slut and I have LOADS of new videos to be added over the coming weeks!!!!

Login to my members area and see just how fucking horny I can be in photos and videos meeting my members all over the UK!

The FULL dates of where I’m going to be and when can be found in the “dates and events” section of my members area, along with my personal phone number where you can call me and arrange a meet!

Rach xx

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How to achieve 7 types of different orgasms for women!


UP to a third of women say they struggle to achieve orgasms through sexual intercourse.

But pleasure should be on the cards regardless – because sex experts have identified SEVEN different ways a woman can orgasm.

And each different type of orgasm produces a different sensation.

If you have a female partner, you owe it to her to learn about these.

1) The Clitoral Orgasm

The most common, and easily achieved, type of orgasm. Feelings start in the clitoris and send waves of pleasure through the body.

The clitoris is possibly the most nerve-rich area of the woman’s body, all packed into something the size of a pea.

Even gentle stimulation can be enough.

2) The Nipple Orgasm

Nipple stimulation engages the same pleasure centres as the clitoris. While stimulation of the clitoris AND nipples at the same time can have mind-blowing effects, some women are lucky enough to climax on nipple stimulation alone.

3) The G-spot Orgasm

This is where the orgasm begins. Located two to three inches inside the vagina, the G-spot contains a huge amount of pleasurable nerve endings and is found to have a rough texture.

G-spot orgasms can be elusive but are explosive and often lead to a leg-shuddering sensation.

To help achieve one, use a circular motion during intercourse, have sex from behind or gently hook a finger inside your partner. Be patient, it can take 20 to 25 minutes.

4) The Anal Orgasm

There are two sphincters at the base of the anus that expand and contract during orgasm anyway. So direct stimulation can lead to an intense orgasm. Make sure your muscles are relaxed and use plenty of lubricant though.

5) The Urethral Orgasm

Sometimes known as the U-spot, it’s a small area of sensitive tissue just above and on either side of the urethral opening. Gently caressing the area with a finger, like you would with the clitoris, can create a powerful orgasm.

6) The A-spot Orgasm

Located deep within the vagina, around 4-5 inches, the A-spot is found on the same wall as the G-spot. After an orgasm the A-spot can quickly be sensitised to create a second orgasm and possibly multiple orgasms.

Missionary position with the man performing short thrusts is the best way to achieve this one.

7) The Vaginal Orgasm

Achieved with penetration alone, these are a rare type of orgasm but produce a deeper sensation. They take a long time to achieve and require complete relaxation but many women say they are worth it.

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